Hand Made - Realistic Insects


realistic moth props

realistic moth props


close up view moth props

moth replicas -up close


small brown common house spider replica props

small common house spiders


realistic fake spider props

strong durable spider props


detailed realistic fake dragonfly wings

detailed tear-proof dragonfly wings


Monarch Butterfly replicas in flight

Monarch butterfly props


Monarch butterflies detailed durable props for filming



Monarch butterfly props

made and painted by hand - tear-proof wings


butterfly life cycle made for Disney

Butterfly Life Cycle made for Disney Imagineering - mechanical butterfly


Artificial butterflies with flapping wings 


tiny 88 butterflt replica props

tiny little 88 butterflies


Realistic horsefly replicas

Horsefly Replicas - made as specified, 5 black and 5 dark gray


realistic fake Pink Dotted Apollonia butterfly replicas

Ready for Action, a quick photo before shipping


making yellow and orange detailed butterfly replicas

Making Yellow Butterfly Replicas, with glowing translucent wings

Film Flies does not use molds, no two insects are identical, each is a unique work of art


Yellow and orange detailed butterfly replica with glowing wings

Glowing Wings


Cherub Butterfly replica

Iridescent Wings


dragonfly replica with realistic detailed iridescent wings

Beautiful iridescent transparent wings


realistic fake dragonfly prop

Realistic Dragonfly life-size replica


Iridescent realistic green beetle replicas

Iridescent beetle replicas


realistic fake green salamander replicas

Green Salamander replicas


Vinnie and Vanessa, a pair of realistic Vinegaroon beetles

June 2010 - Vinegaroon Beetles - for a Warner Brothers production

Iraqi Camel Spider

Sand Spider, created for Centcom in Iraq


Realistic Firefly with LED illumination and battery / power box

One of four Fireflies, illuminated with 5mm LED, with custom Film Flies battery box, for Traktor Films

Fireflies can also be made with smaller LED's


Realistic life-size ants

Realistic Ants

realistic houseflies
Realistic Houseflies
replica housefly on a pencil tip

This collection created for the film Cirque du Freak


Realistic housefly

One of a group in the film

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Realistic life size honeybee  made for Disney's movie Bedtime Stories, and filmed in a scene with Adam Sandler   Bees also rented to Warner Brothers for filming the TV show Pushing Daisies  Film Flies bees have successfully been used in product advertising photography
realistic bee with Optional internal 1mm hollow brass tube, for filming bugs in flight, sliding down a wire

Realistic life-size honey bee

One of a group created for Disney's Bedtime Stories


Realistic bee with 1mm hollow core

Filmed sliding down a wire, simulating flight

realistic bed bugs
Realistic house fly attacked by a real dragonfly   Houseflies recently rented, to be used in a Orbit Sangria Fresca Gum, TV commercial

Realistic bed bug

The smallest of those created for NBC TV, "Criminal Intent"

Realistic housefly

Photographed with a wild living dragonfly


Swarm of realistic bees
realistic hex mayfly

Swarm of realistic bees

Created for TV show "Pushing Daises"


Realistic Mayfly

With optional hook for secure placement

Realistic Hexagenia Mayfly
fake realistic dragonfly with realistic wings

Hexagenia mayfly


Life size dragonfly replica


Dragonfly nymph with prey
Emerging dragonfly

Dragonfly nymph with prey


Emerging dragonfly


Realistic fireflies (lightning bugs) commissioned for Georgia Power photo-shoot
realistic ants on my finger

Realistic Fireflies (Lightning Bugs)

Created for a Georgia Power advertisement


Realistic Ants


Red spider holding a midge
Life size realistic midge, same one the red spider is holding

Red Spider

created for Hardy Greys Advertisement


Life size realistic midge

In the jaws of the red spider, pictured to the left

Albino scorpion, ready for custom coloring
realistic green garden spider

Ready for custom coloring


Realistic green garden spider


Super realistic cockroach, in stock and available
Realistic orange caddis fly

Realistic Cockroach

Realistic orange caddis fly

Mistaken as The Real Thing


Replica orange dragonfly
Realistic adult golden stoneflies

Replica orange dragonfly


Realistic adult golden stoneflies


Baby red eared turtle
life-size realistic Scorpion available for rent, created by Leif Ortenholm of Sweden

Baby Red Eared Turtle


Realistic scorpion

realistic cased caddis fly fake replica houseflies

Case building caddis fly

Swarm of fake flies


Super realistic adult mayfly realistic fake grasshopper

Super realistic adult mayflies


Realistic grasshopper
realistic fake scorpion replica tadpoles



Pair of tadpoles
Red salamander replica Stonefly nymph

Red salamander replica


Stonefly nymph


realistic scorpion and a realistic bee artistic seahorse

Realistic scorpion, hunting a realistic bee

One of a group made for filming "A Perfect Getaway"


Artistic Impressionistic Seahorse
A wild living dragonfly attacking a replica dragonfly, perhaps attempting to take the realistic housefly A wild living dragonfly, admiring a realistic replica dragonfly   Film Flies realistic insects are capable of fooling the real thing, as well as your audience...

Real dragonfly attacking insect replicas

Perhaps a mate has been found, a fake one


realistic wasp
Where realistic art comes to life

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